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  2. Hikari’s love life (A fic Dare)

    Hikari was sitting alone, waiting for her long-term boyfriend to arrive. The Bunny Eared girl gave a sigh, as she ran a hand through her blue hair. She loved her boyfriend, but…He had been so irritating as of late. Seeming to always make bad choices after bad choices. She loved him still, but…secretly she was in love with someone else. 

    Suddenly she felt a pinch on her ass as she let out a small eep, standing up. She turned, to see not her boyfriend Sasuke, but, her really good friend, Dick Grayson. She sighed, “Very funny Dick” 

    Dick Grayson meerly smiled. He was certainly more mature then Sasuke was, more muscular, better features. He was a hunk of a man, and Hikari knew his secret. How he was actually Nightwing. They shared an uneasy laugh. “So… Have you. Made your Decision?” 

    Hikari sighed. Her Bunny ears hanging low. “I.. Don’t know. I love sasuke…but…” She couldn’t think of the right words. She wanted to be with Dick. But didn’t want to hurt Sasuke.

    That was when Sasuke walked into the scene. “I’m here!” He said, strolling in. “I’ve decided that I want to be Hokage now. Oh, Hey Dick” he said friendly enough.

    Hikari sighed. “Where have you been?” 

    "I was off trying to get revenge on my brother and become more powerful. I think I got lost somewhere along the way though." He admited. 

    Hikari sighed. “Sasuke… I love you, but… I just don’t know if I can keep doing this. I… have  to come out and say this” she went and grabbed Dicks arm. “I’m in love with Dick Grayson”

    Sasuke seemed visably shocked. He thought for a moment. “Okay…why don’t you date us both?”

    They all then lived happily ever with Hikari in the middle, truly truly happy. 


    OMFG I didn’t know what to expect… 


    but OMFG


    OMFG thank’s Who-bear xDDDD

  3. Naruto 627

    • Karin: Hey, Orochimaru! Long time no see! I was busy dying, because Sasuke killed me! It was awesome! *fangirling*
    • Orochimaru: KYAAH! what a coincidence! He killed me too! We should start a club!
    • Karin: Totally! We'll send each other secret messages about his awesome body!
    • Orochimaru: YAY! Let's do this!
    • Karin & Orochimaru: *fangirls and run together towards sunset*
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decided to make a gif of how almost all of tumblr feels about sasuke rn after the new chapteri hope this hasn’t been done before omfg

I love you for doing this



    decided to make a gif of how almost all of tumblr feels about sasuke rn after the new chapter
    i hope this hasn’t been done before omfg

    I love you for doing this

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    it had to be done.


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    My friend’s dog literally walks himself 




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    I have been waiting for this gifset my entire life

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